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    Brass band musicians weigh in on monuments controversy with new Mardi Gras song


    I and thou
    Elopement packages take the hassle out of wedding planning Weddings are great ? if you don't mind dealing with vendors, wrangling invite lists, reserving blocks of hotel rooms, picking out bridesmaid gifts, etc. But if you want a ceremony that's as easy as showing up to a Las Vegas chapel but a touch more personalized, consider eloping. ??Elopement packages are designed to provide the essentials ? ceremony setup, officiant, cake, Champagne, bouquet and sometimes photography ? for one flat fee.?

    Making faces
    Some makeup brands are designed for photography, while others can make skin appear overly shiny in photos. What to look for in a bridal makeup artist. On their wedding day, brides want to look their best, and the right makeup artist plays a big role in that.?

    Gown Trends The Bridal Boutique by MaeMe (3331 Severn Ave., Metairie, Suite 102; 504-266-2771;

    Wedding party 101
    The who, what, when and where of wedding-related events Showers, luncheons, bachelor and bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners ? there's a ton of wedding planning to be done before the wedding itself. If the schedule of festivities has you feeling overwhelmed, read on for a breakdown and tips from local event planners Kenny LaCour, owner of Grand Events, Dakota Restaurant and Dakota-Catered; Emily Radosta, sales manager of Tommy's Cuisine and Wine Bar and Tomas Bistro; and Sarah Hall, president of Joel Catering.?

    Buff Brides
    Workouts geared toward brides help women get fit and blow off steam before the big day Like the perfect dress, fitness goals can mean different things for different women. But most brides share one hope: to present her best self ? both mentally and physically ? as she joins another in marriage.?

    What a Card
    Things to consider when selecting wedding invitations Laser-cut lace, pops of color, blinged out or sweet and simple ... who would have thought shopping for invitations could be as exciting as shopping for your wedding dress??

    Cream of the Crop
    Crop tops, opalescent beading and textured skirts are just a few of 2016's bridal gown trends So you've met The One, said yes, and now you're planning what's sure to be a fabulous wedding.?

    A Bloom of One's Own
    Different weddings call for different bouquets Here are a few to consider. When it comes to bridal bouquets, THERE ARE endless combinations of flowers, styles, stems and shapes.?

    CUE Bride: Feb. 2016
    Wedding dress trends; the perfect invitation; party planning tips and more

    Live Music Events (Feb. 8 - 14, 2016)
    2 Chainz and MigosTue. Feb. 9 | Hip-hop's metaphor king (his verse on the earth-splitting "Mercy" has as many jokes as an episode of Arrested Development) continues his absurd, slick line delivery on his latest mixtape, Felt Like Cappin.?

    Live Theater Events (Feb. 8 - 14, 2016)
    Cupid's CabaretSun. Feb. 14 | Trixie Minx created and stars in a Valentine's Day vaudeville-style show featuring burlesque and boylesque dancers, aerialists, singers and other performers in a story about love.?

    Preview: Unknown Mortal Orchestra
    Ruban Nielson?s band comes to Republic Feb. 11 From his start as a true unknown ? early tracks posted to music blogs in 2010 spurred a flurry of "Who Is Unknown Mortal Orchestra?" meta-queries ? New Zealand maestro Ruban Nielson has cultivated an air of distant mystery that only bolstered his time-warped productions, the sort of warming funk discovery that keeps record stores' doors open and crate-diggers on an eternal Easter egg hunt. All at once, his third album, last year's Multi-Love (Jagjaguwar), lifts the lo-fi veil and pulls listeners into a probing self-examination of polyamory ? and proves that getting to know Unknown Mortal Orchestra does nothing but deepen the allure.?

    Tribute to the Classical Arts
    The Big Easy Foundation?s annual salute to dance, opera and classical music Winners of awards for outstanding performances of classical music, opera and dance in the New Orleans area in 2015 were announced at the Tribute to the Classical Arts luncheon Jan. 26 at the Hotel Monteleone.?

    The distance between Santa Clara, California, where this year's Super Bowl is being played, and downtown San Francisco, the host city.
    44 miles "NEW ORLEANS IS THE ONLY CITY THAT SHOULD EVER HOST THE SUPER BOWL" was the title of Nate Scott's "FTW" column last week in USA Today, in which he wrote, "The backdrop of the game for the people on TV will be Santa Clara, California, a lovely town to be sure, but come on." Scott offered nine reasons the Super Bowl should be played each year in New Orleans (the food, the lack of commute, "no last call") and addressed the big issue from Super Bowl XLVII:?

    Pop-up culture
    Once a trend, pop-up restaurants now are an established part of New Orleans? dining scene Anyone driving through the Upper 7th Ward on a Friday afternoon might see David Robertshaw pushing a giant red box on wheels down the street. Pausing every now and then to catch his breath, he continues to St. Bernard Avenue and stops in front of Sidney's Saloon.?

    Review: Western
    A documentary about tensions in two towns on the U.S.-Mexico border There's a violent storm brewing on the vast horizon in Western, a documentary about life on the Texas-Mexico border by New Orleans-based filmmakers Bill Ross IV and Turner Ross. The famously volatile west Texas weather provides a handy metaphor for the violence of Mexican drug cartels, which threatens to engulf the sister cities of Eagle Pass, Texas and Piedras Negras, Mexico.?

    Preview: Jungle Kings at Anthony Bean Community Theater
    Rain Denise Wilson?s raw drama about youth and crime Rain Denise Wilson's Jungle Kings is full of raw emotion. A few of its characters are young black men in jail, and they revisit the paths that got them there with a mix of blunt street talk, reflection and remorse.?

    Review: Mysterious Presence and I Wonder
    New work by Kate Clark and Andrea Dezso Kate Clark's humanoid animal sculptures at Newcomb Art Gallery instantly instill a sense of wonder. But is there more than novelty at work here??

    I-10: Ten Things to Know in New Orleans This Week, Feb 9, 2016
    1. CIVIC CANCELS DOWN SHOW AFTER ANSELMO'S 'WHITE POWER' SALUTEDown, the New Orleans metal supergroup featuring vocalist Phil Anselmo, was set to perform at the Civic Theater on Lundi Gras, Feb. 7.?

    GOP state lawmakers and Gov. John Bel Edwards
    As Louisiana heads for fiscal crisis, will they repeat the mistakes of the past? I've seen this play before. It does not end well.?

    Pop Goes the Sizzle
    15 pop-ups and where to find them From first-timers filling in at their neighborhood bar to line cooks hosting events on their nights off and established chefs jumping into the game with passion projects of their own ? the pop-up scene in New Orleans is constantly developing. Attempting to categorize and list every one is not only nearly impossible but also would seek to tame a beast that by its nature is a fluid, incongruous and always evolving animal.?

    3-Course Interview: Alan Walter
    The Loa bartender talks about sourcing indigenous ingredients for craft cocktails As the bartender at Loa (221 Camp St., 504-553-9550; in the International House Hotel, Alan Walter is known for his narrative drink descriptions and tinctures, syrups and bitters he makes using local produce and herbs. Walter, who also has a Master of Fine Arts degree in theater, spoke with Gambit about the art of storytelling and how indigenous ingredients help provide a sense of place?

    Review: Killer Poboys
    Once a pop-up, the sandwich favorite now has a French Quarter restaurant For the past few years, Cam Boudreaux and his wife April Bellow have been slinging sandwiches out of a jewel box-sized kitchen at their pop-up Killer Poboys in the back of the Erin Rose bar. In November, the couple, along with business partner Eric Baucom, opened a standalone restaurant (dubbed Big Killer Poboys) in a larger space on Dauphine Street, enabling them to expand their menu.?

    Cleaning up after Carnival
    Meet the people who clean the streets once the Mardi Gras parades pass by After the last Mardi Gras float has passed, those left on the route can witness one of the most important parts of Mardi Gras: cleanup. ??After the parades end, an army of men and women dressed in safety-orange reflective vests and clutching plastic rakes takes to the streets, neutral grounds and sidewalks to pick up the vestiges of the party.?